Dragon Ball Episode 86 – Then There Were Eight [English Dubbed]

Dragon Ball Episode 86 - Then There Were Eight [English Dubbed]

Summary :- From the start, it is clear that Goku is much faster and stronger than King Choppa. He jumps in the air, and on his way down, he blows at the ground to slow himself down and throw off King Choppa’s timing. He then delivers the final blow. Jackie Chun then enters his fight, and although he is completely distracted with thoughts of Goku’s new strength, he defeats his opponent in three blows. The preliminary rounds continue until the first intermission. During the meal, Yamcha and Tien nearly get in a fight, but once again, Jackie Chun stops them. Nam comes up to Goku to greet him. He is fighting in the tournament again, but this time it is only for fun, since his village is in no need of water anymore. Later, in the last match before the finals, Nam is nearly killed by Tien. Goku, Krillin, Yamcha and Jackie Chun all advance to the final round.

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