Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 – Zamasu’s Ambition The Storied “Project 0 Mortals” of Terror [English Dubbed]


Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 - Zamasu's Ambition The Storied "Project 0 Mortals" of Terror [English Dubbed]


Summary :- Future Zamasu reveals himself to be Zamasu from Future Trunks’ alternate timeline, who used the Super Dragon Balls in this timeline to wish for immortality. Goku fights Goku Black and Future Zamasu, but he is outmatched by the two villains. Goku Black tells Goku that after taking over his body, he killed Chi-Chi and Goten just to spite him. Goku is enraged and fights Goku Black and Future Zamasu. He is initially able to hold his own, but he is soon overpowered and knocked out. With Goku defeated, Future Trunks and Vegeta are backed into a corner. Future Zamasu holds Future Trunks and his constant time-traveling responsible for thwarting his plan to eradicate all mortals. This infuriates Future Trunks, who explodes and transforms into an immensely powerful new form of Super Saiyan.

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