Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 – The Power of Love Explodes? 2nd Universe’s Witchy Warriors! [English Dubbed]


Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 - The Power of Love Explodes? 2nd Universe's Witchy Warriors! [English Dubbed]


Summary :- Brianne and her companions Sanka Ku (サンカ・クー Sanka Kū) and Su Roas (スー・ロース Sū Rōsu) announce themselves to the other fighters and begin to transform into their magical girl alter-egos. Android 17 blasts them before they can transform, but Brianne, Goku, and Top berate him for his dishonorable tactics and browbeat him into allowing them to transform, much to Beerus’ dismay. They assume their alter-egos Ribrianne, Kakunsa (カクンサ Kakunsa), and Rozie (ロージィ Rōjī) and barrage the arena with a powerful love-based attack that brainwashes some of the fighters. Universe 7’s mental discipline allows them to overcome its effects. Gohan’s group elects to split up and fight independently. Vegeta attacks Ribrianne, who counters with a rolling attack that knocks out Universe 10’s Jirasen (ジラセン). Rozie attacks Goku with a flurry of blows that grows more powerful the longer she keeps it up, while Kakunsa battles Android 17 with her animalistic fighting style. Android 17 baits her into overextending herself and stuns her with a barrier. He attempts to knock her out of the stage, but her teammate Vikal (ビカル Bikaru) rescues her. Android 17 decides to stop holding back and swiftly eliminates Vikal. He also eliminates Kakunsa with a powerful ki blast. Enraged by his actions, Ribrianne powers up and prepares to battle Android 17.


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