Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 – Revenge “F”! A Cunning Trap is Set? [English Dubbed]


Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 - Revenge "F"! A Cunning Trap is Set? [English Dubbed]


Summary :- Frost recalls how Champa promised to pardon his crimes if he humiliated and defeated Universe 7. Elsewhere, Universe 3’s Maji Kayo confronts Universe 11’s remaining warriors. He entraps Dyspo with his liquid body, but Jiren effortlessly defeats him with a single blow. As Master Roshi attempts to recover from his previous fights, Frost corners and attacks him. Goku sees this and tries to rush to his aid, but he is confronted by Ribrianne. Roshi hits Frost with a flurry of blows and attempts to use the Evil Containment Wave, but the strain proves too much for him. He flubs the attack. Frost barrages Roshi with ki blasts and sends an attack towards Vegeta, which provokes him. Vegeta interferes before Frost can finish Roshi. Magetta arrives to reinforce Frost, and the two battle Vegeta. Frost goads Roshi into using the Evil Containment Wave on Magetta, despite the risk of killing himself. When Roshi falls for it, Frost reflects the attack and seals Vegeta into a bottle. With the last of his strength, Roshi uses a small ki blast to destroy the bottle and free Vegeta. Vegeta immediately turns Super Saiyan Blue, and Frost flees. Vegeta knocks Magetta off the stage and tells Roshi to drop out so he can receive medical attention. Roshi jumps off the stage, and he is given a Senzu Bean. Beerus admits that Roshi has earned his respect.


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