Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 – To the Noble, Proud End! Vegeta Falls! [English Dubbed]


Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 - To the Noble, Proud End! Vegeta Falls! [English Dubbed]


Summary :- Vegeta prepares for a final stand against Jiren. Although Vegeta is too exhausted to turn into even a Super Saiyan, he still decides to take on Jiren. Jiren easily dodges his attacks and continues to pummel Vegeta. Jiren injures Vegeta’s left eye in the process. Vegeta is knocked to the brink of elimination, and he begins to think about the people in his life he cares about the most. He gets back up and continues to fight Jiren, who is impressed by Vegeta’s pride. Vegeta nearly rings out again. His boot catches onto a floating piece of rubble, which narrowly allows him to stay in the fight because the pieces of rubble still count as part of the fighting stage. Vegeta hears Bulma’s voice urging him to fight on, and he returns to fight Jiren once again. Jiren is unable to understand why Vegeta continues to fight him. Vegeta fires off a Final Flash, but Jiren is unfazed. Jiren knocks Vegeta out of the fighting stage and eliminates him from the tournament. Although Vegeta is upset at being unable to last until the end, he gives Goku his remaining energy at the last second before falling out of bounds. Goku turns Super Saiyan Blue and begins to fight Jiren with his remaining power. Even with Vegeta’s energy, Goku is still overwhelmed by Jiren. He is knocked back into his base form. When Goku is pushed back to the edge of the fighting stage and only one punch away from defeat, Vegeta shouts at Goku. Goku thinks about how the others have all put their faith in him. As Jiren delivers the final blow, Goku suddenly reactivates Ultra Instinct and dodges the attack. With his new power, Goku is able to effortlessly dodge Jiren’s attacks and lands a heavy blow on him. Both fighters face off and prepare for their final battle.

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