Dragon Ball Episode 123 – Lost and Found [English Subbed]

Dragon Ball Episode 123 - Lost and Found [English Subbed]

Summary :- 
Tien retrieves Goku’s power pole as Bulma, Yamcha and sweet Launch scan the place. Yajirobe takes Goku back to Korin’s tower. News of King Piccolo’s defeat spreads with much celebration. Even as the eternal dragon is dead, Bulma procured all the stones anyway. An old lady spots King Piccolo’s egg and she and her husband bring to their house and Piccolo Junior is about to hatch. Korin is shocked to hear that the eternal dragon is dead. Korin knows the creator of the dragon balls, Kami. To get to him Goku searches for the power pole while meeting King Furry. Fortuneteller Baba tells Goku the power pole is at Master Roshi’s. Goku gets the power pole and flies back to Korin’s tower. Piccolo Junior destroys the couple’s house and vows for revenge.

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