Dragon Ball Episode 151 – Outrageous Octagon [English Subbed]

Dragon Ball Episode 151 - Outrageous Octagon [English Subbed]

Summary :-
 Goku and Chi Chi reach the mountain, but as they get close, a blizzard starts up. They meet an old woman named Octagon. She tells the mountain is disrupted by the presence of females but knows nothing about the Bansho fan. Goku goes to the mountain to gather snow while Pilaf, Shu and Mai are searching after the fan. The mountain starts up another blizzard. The cold weather prevents Pilaf from firing missiles and flamethrowers on Goku. Hearing from Goku that the mountain is provoked by women, Pilaf pushes Mai away. While Goku gathers snow and scares Pilaf, Chi Chi cleans up Octagon’s house, but smashes many of her dishes. Chi Chi comes across the Bansho fan as she sweeps the yard, while Goku’s snow is melting. Shu takes the fan but blows away his companions and flees. Before Goku and Chi Chi leave, Octagon gives them a jar of honey. The Ox King is getting desperate as they successfully return. Goku waves the fan, but the flames persist.

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